Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of Effluent Treatment Plants, Sewage Treatment Plants, and Water Treatment Systems including RO, Softeners, and Filtration. Based in Pune, Maharashtra, India.


EfloChem Blending, a division of Eflo International (UK) and a part of Concorde-Corodex Group (CCG), operates in the UAE since 1974. Specializing in Water Treatment Chemicals, based in Dubai.


Concorde specializes in safety and rescue equipment, serving public, private, and oil&gas sectors. Offering a range of products including breathing apparatus, gas detection, and firefighting systems.

Integrated Engineering Solutions

IES Water Treatment Division provides a full spectrum of solutions including process water treatment, desalination, and effluent treatment for industrial applications.

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Corodex Industries

Corodex Industries is a pioneer in engineering, manufacturing, assembly and fabrication of various water purification and wastewater treatment plants and equipment of the highest quality.

Dhamen Technology Group
Who we are

Dhamen Technology Group

Welcome to Dhamen Technology Group, a distinguished provider in the realms of Chemicals, Environment, Safety, and Engineering Solutions. As a prominent player in the industry, we take pride in supplying a comprehensive array of chemical products tailored for global oil companies. Our commitment revolves around a steadfast focus on quality, reliability, and innovation. In the domain of Chemicals, we offer high-technology solutions designed to enhance various facets of oil exploration, production, refinery processes, and waste treatments.

Simultaneously, in the realm of Environment, Safety, and Engineering Solutions, we strive to provide comprehensive services that prioritize environmental sustainability and safety protocols. Additionally, we specialize in delivering cutting-edge medical materials and equipment for healthcare organizations, aiming to elevate patient care through the latest advancements in medical technology.

DTG: Pioneering Environmental

Specializing in Revolutionary Solutions for Industrial and Domestic Wastewater, Waste Oil, and Contaminated Oil Sand. Expertise in Advanced Purification, Softening and Conditioning, Cutting-Edge Distillation, Efficient Filtration, and Odor Control Technologies, alongside Innovative Sludge Treatment Processes.

High Technology Services

At Dhamen Technology Group, we stand at the intersection of innovation and excellence,dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of our valued customers across Chemicals,Environment, Safety, and Engineering Solutions.

Delivery options

Our diverse delivery options ensure prompt, reliable service. From standard to expedited, we tailor solutions to meet your project's unique needs.

Risk management
Timely delivery

Timely delivery is our commitment. We prioritize punctuality, ensuring your products and solutions arrive on schedule, every time, without compromise.

Technical support
Customer Service

Our customer service excels with prompt responses, expert assistance, and a dedication to ensuring your satisfaction throughout your experience with us.

Project Tracking System

Empower your projects with our advanced tracking system. Real-time updates, transparency, and efficiency ensure seamless project management and successful outcomes.

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Why DTG? Industrial Prowess Rely on our demonstrated excellence in industrial solutions, covering environmental, chemical, medical, and engineering domains. We provide cutting-edge solutions and personalized service to meet the demands of your industrial operations.

  • Outstanding Technical Support
  • Customized Solutions
  • Advanced Industrial Systems
  • Dedication to Sustainability
  • Global Industrial Proficiency
  • Risk-Free Project Management

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